words & winston

Winston ChurchillThere are many memories that stick with us, but there are seldom that seem to be on constant replay. This man, Winston Churchill, has an engraving in my replay memory. No, I definitely did not ever know Mr. Churchill (even though I have seen where he was born). I grew up with a dad, that loved to encourage. His encouragement most often came through actions of support, such as helping me throw the softball better, being my catcher when I wanted to practice pitching, and always trying to expand my knowledge in anything math or science related. His verbal encouragement came through quotes. My dad is an engineer — aka a huge nerd. Any of my siblings would back me up when saying dad has is one liners to encourage us, while we played our sport of choosing. The one quote that I always associate with my dad is…

“Never, Never, Never Give up.” – Winston Churchill

I can hear my dad saying these words now, and it goes through my head so often, that I catch myself mimicking the tone of voice and emphasis that he makes — with a result of no one having a clue why I am quoting Winston Churchill.

I often feel like I live in a constant state of failing and getting back up. Sometimes these failures cloud my memory of successes. There are many things in my life right now that are leaving me feeling unsuccessful, which in many ways, is not a bad thing.

Tuesday, I drove to Lubbock, Tx, to take my NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) – Personal Training test. Which I did not pass. I have failed many tests in my life and I am still here to talk about them, so they must of not been that big of a deal, right? Well in the past, when a test has come back under 60%, I frankly say its just because I am not good at this subject. But the interesting thing about this test was all I could think was when can I take it again. I might of failed, but I knew a lot. A lot more than I knew a few months ago. So in 3 months (when I get to take it again) I will for sure pass.

It’s just like Winston Churchill/my dad said — “Never, never, never give up.”



spin my morning off right

EnlargeImage 1

My morning started here. Right on a spin bike. 5:45 is a taaaad early for me to get my workout on, but I used to do, so I figured I’d see if I could make it a habit again. Just to give myself a little extra motivation I invited a few friends to come along, and they actually came!! My friend Robin teaches at the YMCA and I have been wanting to go to her class of sometime, but that snooze button is so tempting at 5 am.

We traveled roughly 15-17 miles through climbs and straight aways. And I wish I would of taken a picture of the class — it was packed — loved it! … Since the LeMond bikes at the Y do not have a computer, I made sure I wore my Heart Rate monitor and i set the activity to cycling, so it entertained me while spinning my morning into action.

[ I have a small interjection… I got a little too excited when I saw that the Y had the new model of LeMond Fitness bikes. The lady who did my training certification for cycling was on the design team of THIS bike. Am I really nerdy to think thats so cool??]

This mornings workout finished off with a short, but intense, ab workout. This workout consisted of Burpees, pushups, and sit-ups… here it is…


I went all the way up to 10, and than started my way back down. I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel, but I felt great and sped through this in roughly 15 minutes give or take some depending on needed rest.


Day after Valentines, that’s a holiday, right?

Good morning y’all!!

Guess what?!?!? I got a Garmin Watch… check. it. out. 


It’s beautiful. Nick wanted to get me jewelry, but he decided this was my type of “jewelry.” And that it is. I am beyond excited!

I can’t wait to use it in class, and know the general area of where I am taking everyone’s heart rate. I love numbers when it comes to fitness. It helps me push myself, even if the numbers are not 100% accurate, it still creates a way to challenge myself to push harder. 


Last night I taught Water aerobics at the Y, until 7. My class was bigger than I expected since the rest of the gym looked like this…

Photo 1

This picture was taken at roughly 5:40pm — and usually there is not a free machine in the building at this time. But for water aerobics we had a good number, smaller than usual so I was able to do a little bit different exercises. We always move laterally because how boring would it be, if we stayed stationary the entire time? But last night I was able to have them circle up and change up direction — adding more resistance from the current.  No one ever talks about water aerobics, so I will be posting a workout for in the water here soon. 

Tonight Nick will be helping me set my Garmin up, and I am pretty sure I will immediately want to go for a run! I’ll keep you updated.

How was your valentines day? I wanna know, did you go all out, or keep it simple?



Healthy Heart!

R N Valentines

Why is it that I love this day so much? It honestly isn’t for the sappy cards, or the balloons, or even the gifts I might receive. No, my love for this holiday comes from the pure excuse to be cheesy. I have always celebrated this holiday. Like the year I was working and so we ordered heart shaped pizzas from Hideaway, or the time back in high school when my friends and I all made Valentines T-shirts. I mean whats more fun than on a random day of the week, in February, when you can order just about any food item heart shaped? Maybe It’s just my dorky nature, but I think its pretty fun. 

So in honor of it being a holiday, and a holiday that has to do with the heart. I have two different circuit workouts that are “heart healthy,” so you better believe your heart will be pumping! 

The first one… I did today in class.


For this workout we did each exercise for 30 seconds. We went through it twice, 2×14, for thats the day today — February 14th (2-14). I know, wow, but it’s a day to be cheesy! This workout was awesome. The rest of the class we did strength work with body bars. Are muscles were tired so this was intense.

This second workout is one of my favorites. It was inspired by Insanity, but it’s Ruth’s Insanity — not Shaun T’s. 

Heart Health Workout

So go out and get a workout in today!!!!  These don’t require a cardio machine to get your heart pumping, so you can do it at home, or if it’s nice where your at, take it outdoors!




green pancakes

Another weekend has come and gone! We spent this weekend in Midland, and it was so nice to kickback, relax, and hangout with new friends!

BIG NEWS FRIDAY — WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!! The sellers signed our contract and we will be moving, um, sometime in the next few weeks. I will be skeptical until our stuff is actually in the house, you never know what might happen.

So friday Harper and I celebrated by getting a little run and a workout in at the park (which I will blog about later). But Nick and I actually celebrated by going to dinner with some friends. After dinner none of us were ready to go home, so what did we decide would be fun?? Bowling, of course!! But sadly, there was over an hour wait for a lane, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our bowling alley excursion…. 

IMG 1770

Yep… We Dance Dance Revolutioned the night away;).

It is an understatement to say I am bad at this game. Nick was shocked… He thought i’d be good, I guess because I workout to a beat? I am not sure his thought, but my reaction time is TERRIBLE!

It was fun regardless.

Now for the Green Pancakes

Green pancakesIMG 1790

That looks delicious, huh? … well despite the look, it tasted delicious.

Green pancakes Recipe

2 whole eggs

1 egg white

1/2 cup spinach (we used frozen spinach, but I am sure it doesn’t matter)

1/2 sweet potato 

1 TBS coconut flour 

1 tsp potato starch

This recipe was a total experiment, that I think turned out great! The only thing that could need a little altering is the coconut flour. Coconut flour is VERY flavorful, and a tad gritty. Almond flour or rice flour would be a better option — we just used what was on hand. This was our final product.

Green pancake 2 IMG 1791

Now you cannot tell me you wouldn’t want to eat this?!?

We topped it with Homemade chicken salad, and a few sautéed veggies.


Do you have any fun tasty Gluten Free “pancake” recipes? I would love to give a few different types a try.




14 to 8

Hello All!! 

It is Thursday and I am so very happy it is almost the weekend! 

Have I ever told you how much I like what I do? I get to make up workouts and instruct others how to go through them. Help them understand the concept behind each moves, in hopes that this education will bring them back wanting more! I love it. 

I strive to make every workout challenging, but fun. Which to me you can’t have one without the other. If I don’t feel challenged than I’m automatically bored, no matter how fun the instructor. I have been to a few classes where the workout was so incredibly challenging and rough that there was no way I could possibly be enjoying myself. With that being said, I like hard, but I want my participants to be able to smile every once and awhile! 

This mornings class was a great workout. Our heart rates were up the entire time, are muscles were tiring, and sweat was dripping. Every participant grabbed FOUR different sets of weights –> Lightest(1-3lbs), light(3-8lbs), medium(5-10lbs), and heavy(8-12lbs). We went through the circuit a total of FOUR times; the first time for sets of 14, than 12, than 10, and lastly 8. As our reps went down each time through, we picked up heavier weights. And ta-da, a 40 minute workout!

And just to note, we did every other exercise with weights, starting our power jacks without weights.

 Workout picture

Try it! There is no boredom in this workout.



yoga room move to midland!!

Yoga by lululemon athleticaYoga3

Yoga class

These pictures just seem perfect to me, so beautiful, so peaceful, and working every muscle and their body.

I have never been too involved in the yoga scene, but from time to time I find myself wanting to go so bad. I have been yearning — yes yearning, for some yoga lately. I just want that good for your soul type yoga. The type that the instructor knows so much and poses push me to drip sweat. Oh… Where are you Yoga room Tulsa? Where are you Sarah Turner to encourage me to go? 

This is my search right now. There is a yoga studio here in Midland, Texas; however none of the classes are at anytime I can go. Maybe here soon I will be able to get my yoga on!


(picture credit to lululemon)

not a spirit of fear

Happy Tuesday y’all!

Yesterday was MLK day, now Nick nor I had the day off work, but I love holidays in Midland. Everyone leaves! It sort of reminds me of home.  Growing up in a college town gave me this love for peaceful streets – they were available during hot summer months and sporadic school holidays.  This emptiness set me up for a great morning grocery trip. HEB – where everything’s better.  This place can be great. For a large, mass grocery store, they rock at having low prices on organic or natural foods. I’ve been very impressed since moving to Midland. However, if you hit this place at the wrong time, or the wrong day – it can be, frankly, a nightmare. I am talking about my grocery store trip so much because I am determined to be a more MINDFUL shopper with a… (drum roll please)… budget!!!

We are currently going through the process of moving into our first house! And for me this large, exciting purchase comes fear. I shared this purchase and fear with a few of my morning workout class participants one lady reminded of the 2 Timothy 1, where we are told that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control. Read the whole chapter, its short, and you won’t regret it. It has been a week and I keep meditating on this verse, and thinking what does this mean for me?

I believe one of my greatest struggles is fear. I fear I will let others down, I fear I will not be loved, I fear money, I fear my intentions; I fear failure.

This house purchase (and the budgeting) has surfaced many of my fears. And I am becoming thankful that it has; I needed the reminder that God has given me a spirit of Power, and Love, and Self-Control.  Instead of curling up and ignoring the fact that there’s a lot that goes into owning a home – I am taking it on (with my husband of course) – and am going to enjoy this new endeavor!



a year to have resolutions

I have spent too many years being too hard on myself. Many people make new years resolutions, but I never do. I don’t enjoy failing or losing against myself — which is how I see it. I see it as a challenge that is way too long, 364 days to keep a resolution! This year I have decided I should. Resolutions are good, we’re striving to be better. I have taken some time to really mull mine over. These resolutions are just as much prayer requests for myself as they are “goals.”

My three resolutions come from the passage psalms 62:1-2:

For God alone my soul waits in silence;
from him comes my salvation.
He only is my rock and my salvation,
my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken

1. Patience with myself. I am a little bit of a slow thinker; just like my resolutions, I like to mull things over. I believe this is a good thing, it is the way God made me. I just need to be more patient with it. I also have a tendency to push myself too hard in one area and than simply burn out before anything was accomplished. The best example I have of this, is running. I am using 2013 as a way for me to healthily train for a half marathon (im only running 3 times a week), instead of overtraining, and burning out.

2. Contentment in my life. I have an amazingly sweet and Godly husband, an adorable little companion — Harper, friends all over the world, a new house, and i don’t want to forget about all the fun things in my life like teaching group fitness, cooking dinner, the freedom to shop;). The list could get really long, but sometimes I want things like excitement? or a great adventure! I just have to remember that my life is filled with those two things, and even if they weren’t that’d be okay.

3. Love for my body. This is one of those things that I didn’t really think I would put on here, but, welp, I did. We can be short, tall, curvy, straight, lanky, squatty… you name it. We are all so different, and to really feel the way the verse portrays, I feel like we must be happy with our bodies. Yes — some of us have been tough on our bodies, either with harmful food/too much food, no physical activity, or you might be someone on the flip side, that has not given your body enough TLC and let yourself get wrapped up in an unhealthy amount of exercise, or dieting. Whatever the case us women can be rough on our bodies. And this year I want to listen to my body, and I want to remember that this is how God made me. For me, my body often gets in the way of my relationship with the Lord. I want to be still in front of the Lord and know that I am beautifully and wonderfully made, and that He is my great fortress!

Three resolutions for 2013. 2012 was a great year, and I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds in store for us and for our friends and family!


Cheers to 2013,