Turtles, octopuses, sharks… oh my.


I am officially a PADI certified diver!! I have got my card to prove it. Plus I have seen an octopus! This picture is sweet, but how unattractive is scuba gear? I think some people do better than others — and I am not one of those people.

So we did a fair amount of scuba diving — I did a total of 6 dives.



“I’m okay.”


This was the largest, most majestic animal I have ever seen. This manta ray had a wing span of over 8 feet. The under water camera and I did not get along too well, nor was I able to get too close, so I do not have the best picture.

Other parts of vacation

Besides Scuba Diving, I wanted to talk a little about staying healthy while on vacation.

I am in the process of learning moderation. Oh the struggle of  1 cookie quickly becoming 5,  1 drink meaning, uh, 5.  This is even with “healthy” things. 3 miles of running means I should probably double that and than go “workout.” I wanted to have so much fun on our vacation(which I did), and I knew I wouldn’t if I didn’t continue with my healthy habits. Here are a few examples that really helped me out.

1.) Nick and I wanted to lounge in chairs on the beach, and we had been dreaming about the “umbrella” drink that would be in our hand while doing so. Now the drinks on our beach weren’t too sweet, which I like, but I knew I still should moderate them.

Solution: Instead of Nick and I each getting one, we would split, and when that one is done we could decide if we wanted another. Honestly, we never did. It was the perfect amount.

2.) We read and lounged a lot, plus most of our trip was based around meals. This type of  vacationing sometimes gets me down, and all I want to do is move.

Solution: We balanced our days. No we didn’t deeply think this through. But Nick and I went for a beach/trail run one morning  — and boy, was I sweaty. We scuba dived 3 mornings, hiked to other beaches instead of driving, and Nick’s mom and I actually open water swam, out past the breaking waves–once.

3.) Food, oh the dreaded eating out for every meal. Seriously — even thinking that makes me feel sick.

Solution: This is what I loved so much about our trip, fresh food. We went to the local grocery store, farmers market, and the fish market. It was sooo good — mmm mmm, I wish I could have some of that pineapple or Mahi right now.

Also while we were on vacation, Nick and I were able to workout together. This is something we love doing, but with our two schedules, it seems to rarely happen. So vacation was a perfect time to sweat and hang out!

photo (2)

This picture was taken on our hike to another beach. It was beautiful.



Mahalo and Aloha!



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