spring weekend #1: Saturday

Happy Tuesday!

Last weekend was a blast! Nick and I had two visitors Thursday through Saturday morning — my parents. It was fun to have them come down and see our home:)! They even spent all Friday morning with me cleaning out our old apartment. I think we scored with that visit. Thanks mom and dad!

Saturday after they left, we did a little cleaning, but I really wanted to go for a run and get a good workout in. So Nick decided a run sounded pretty nice too. I have been going on what I call “fun runs,” cause even though I know how long I have been running for, and I can estimate pretty well how far I have gone, I have not been running with a set mileage or time in mind. Just running, to enjoy it. I am re-learning my love for running:)! So Nick and I ran for 30 minutes, at about a 9 minute mile pace (i’m guesstimating). It felt so good!! After our run we cooled down a tad, drank water, and than headed to the YMCA.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was still sore from the lifting Nick and I did. Well I want to lift heavy, so I started. We started with dead lifts. I worked my way up to 150 pounds for 4 reps. After this I teared off, and went with 100 pounds for 6 reps and than 65 for 10 reps. This is about the same I did on the way. Maybe with a few extra sets, slowly adding on my weight. At 65 I than attempted to Clean and press. I, uh, sorta, kinda got one. It was really pitiful, and I am not even sure if it went over my head, ha. So I took it down to 55 pounds. This I could do. I did a few of these, and I made a goal.


I make beautiful faces while lifting.

My goal is 1RM (Rep Max) of 75 pounds on a clean and press.

At the same time I am working on my pull ups. Here is an interesting article on pull ups. If you are like me (and most of the women out there) and you cannot seem to defy gravity by pulling yourself up and over the bar. Here are 6 steps to making that chin up/pull up possible.

After our workout we individually had to run a few errands before we could kick our feet up and head to a Crawfish Boil!! CrawfishboilI honestly, didn’t have too many of these little guys, but Nick made up for the both of us:). And the few I did have made me understand why people get so excited — they’re pretty tasty. Tasty food, cider, sunshine, live music, and we walked from our house made my first Crawfish boil a success!

We ended the night early and walked home. Oh how I love our new home:).



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