countdown is on {plus a few easter pics}

Okay so I am back and the count down is official — We are going to Hawaii in less than 5 days!!!!!!!!!!

So excited, but I am not too excited about my white pasty self being in a swim suit. But I WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT, go tanning. So I will just being sporting the pasty look the first few days. Thats alright.

I have been curious. How do people get ready for a vacation? I mean do they buy new clothes, or do they spend their time exercising or dieting. And do people mostly plan their days all out before going. I am not sure. Hmm.

I wanted to share with you all a few Easter pics



I sometimes wonder if Harper likes kisses, I mean look at that face?

Anyways, Nick and I had a beautiful Easter. We ran a little late to church, but thats just because I wanted to get the lamb in the crockpot. And man, It was worth it! At church a few people were baptized and it was amazing. I love hearing people’s stories and watching them profess their faith in front of the entire congregation. Isn’t that just something so beautiful and special? … plus on Easter. It was great!

So we had lamb shanks for dinner, a recipe I got out of my new favorite cookbook Paleo Slower Cooker.



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