ballet for the non-dancer (that’s me)



People are catching on to the trend of BARRE more and more. Barre’s idea revolves around isometric movements. This basically means holding certain moves/pulsing in these positions for longer periods of time. The equipment used in these classes vary, but as you might expect a ballet bar is always used. The other equipment is anywhere from small yogi balls to 3-5 pound dumbbells. The thought is, doesn’t every women want to look like a nice toned ballerina? I know I wouldn’t mind;).

I have had a few opportunities to try this style of class, and have even been trying it by myself through barre3 studio online. But today, I finally had the chance to try Barre at Yoga Works  here in Midland. It was a great experience. We started with a fun little warm up using therabands, and than our warmup became a little bit more intense, by working our biceps, shoulders, back, and then triceps — all using the band. After we were warmed up we moved into lower body work — which was my favorite part. Oh, how I felt the burn, my heart rate was raised, I was beginning to sweat, and every muscle in my legs were uncontrollably shaking. I would describe this as awesome!

The instructor was personal and she used her time in the class to walk around and make sure everyone was getting the most out of their moves — I love this type of atmosphere.

With all that being said. I will be back! And hey, maybe I’ll love it enough to teach it one day?!?



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