Z weekend.

Dallas Marathon weekend minus the half-marathon. A few months ago I thought it would be fun for Nick and I to run in the Rock n’ Roll half in Dallas, Texas. The actual execution of this idea did not come through all the way, but great things happened anyways.

First of all it got me running a tad bit more than I was — which wasn’t hard because I wasn’t running at all. And secondly, Nick and I got to spend a full, fun weekend in Dallas.

Being from only about 3 and 1/2 or 4 hours North of this massive city, you would think I would be familiar with it. I’m not. 

Friday Night we got in around 10:30 and went straight to our hotel bed. It had been a long day, and we were preparing ourselves for the FULL day of shopping we had ahead.

First on the list, was IKEA. Nick has NEVER been to an IKEA, whaaa?? We selected carefully, but came away with some exciting things, such as…

serving bowls, and a front door mat!


After we left IKEA, Nick commented that that trip was a workout. We walked around that place for an hour and a half, and he even got some deadlifts in:).

We than headed our way to The Galleria. Club Monaco was on the top of our list. This picture just cracks me up. Nick is waiting for this jacket to go on sale.


It was a successful trip, I got a comfy T, and Nick got a great cardigan — all on sale! We made a stop at a local whole foods, and it had the best Taste testing I have ever been to. It was Egg day, yum!  After this we looked through a few furniture design stores — just for looks and ideas. Lets just say by the time night came around we were ready to put up our feet and enjoy a nice night out together.

As you can see… I was pumped for Date Night!!



The restaurant Nick found for us to eat at, was like always, Amazing! It never fails, he can find the right place to eat in any city or town. FT 33 was delish.



This Morning we slept in and lazily got up to go grab breakfast/lunch and head home. We ate at Whole foods — do you see a trend? I like the trend!

It was a great weekend, but SO happy to be home!!



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