words & winston

Winston ChurchillThere are many memories that stick with us, but there are seldom that seem to be on constant replay. This man, Winston Churchill, has an engraving in my replay memory. No, I definitely did not ever know Mr. Churchill (even though I have seen where he was born). I grew up with a dad, that loved to encourage. His encouragement most often came through actions of support, such as helping me throw the softball better, being my catcher when I wanted to practice pitching, and always trying to expand my knowledge in anything math or science related. His verbal encouragement came through quotes. My dad is an engineer — aka a huge nerd. Any of my siblings would back me up when saying dad has is one liners to encourage us, while we played our sport of choosing. The one quote that I always associate with my dad is…

“Never, Never, Never Give up.” – Winston Churchill

I can hear my dad saying these words now, and it goes through my head so often, that I catch myself mimicking the tone of voice and emphasis that he makes — with a result of no one having a clue why I am quoting Winston Churchill.

I often feel like I live in a constant state of failing and getting back up. Sometimes these failures cloud my memory of successes. There are many things in my life right now that are leaving me feeling unsuccessful, which in many ways, is not a bad thing.

Tuesday, I drove to Lubbock, Tx, to take my NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) – Personal Training test. Which I did not pass. I have failed many tests in my life and I am still here to talk about them, so they must of not been that big of a deal, right? Well in the past, when a test has come back under 60%, I frankly say its just because I am not good at this subject. But the interesting thing about this test was all I could think was when can I take it again. I might of failed, but I knew a lot. A lot more than I knew a few months ago. So in 3 months (when I get to take it again) I will for sure pass.

It’s just like Winston Churchill/my dad said — “Never, never, never give up.”



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