Day after Valentines, that’s a holiday, right?

Good morning y’all!!

Guess what?!?!? I got a Garmin Watch… check. it. out. 


It’s beautiful. Nick wanted to get me jewelry, but he decided this was my type of “jewelry.” And that it is. I am beyond excited!

I can’t wait to use it in class, and know the general area of where I am taking everyone’s heart rate. I love numbers when it comes to fitness. It helps me push myself, even if the numbers are not 100% accurate, it still creates a way to challenge myself to push harder. 


Last night I taught Water aerobics at the Y, until 7. My class was bigger than I expected since the rest of the gym looked like this…

Photo 1

This picture was taken at roughly 5:40pm — and usually there is not a free machine in the building at this time. But for water aerobics we had a good number, smaller than usual so I was able to do a little bit different exercises. We always move laterally because how boring would it be, if we stayed stationary the entire time? But last night I was able to have them circle up and change up direction — adding more resistance from the current.  No one ever talks about water aerobics, so I will be posting a workout for in the water here soon. 

Tonight Nick will be helping me set my Garmin up, and I am pretty sure I will immediately want to go for a run! I’ll keep you updated.

How was your valentines day? I wanna know, did you go all out, or keep it simple?




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