Healthy Heart!

R N Valentines

Why is it that I love this day so much? It honestly isn’t for the sappy cards, or the balloons, or even the gifts I might receive. No, my love for this holiday comes from the pure excuse to be cheesy. I have always celebrated this holiday. Like the year I was working and so we ordered heart shaped pizzas from Hideaway, or the time back in high school when my friends and I all made Valentines T-shirts. I mean whats more fun than on a random day of the week, in February, when you can order just about any food item heart shaped? Maybe It’s just my dorky nature, but I think its pretty fun. 

So in honor of it being a holiday, and a holiday that has to do with the heart. I have two different circuit workouts that are “heart healthy,” so you better believe your heart will be pumping! 

The first one… I did today in class.


For this workout we did each exercise for 30 seconds. We went through it twice, 2×14, for thats the day today — February 14th (2-14). I know, wow, but it’s a day to be cheesy! This workout was awesome. The rest of the class we did strength work with body bars. Are muscles were tired so this was intense.

This second workout is one of my favorites. It was inspired by Insanity, but it’s Ruth’s Insanity — not Shaun T’s. 

Heart Health Workout

So go out and get a workout in today!!!!  These don’t require a cardio machine to get your heart pumping, so you can do it at home, or if it’s nice where your at, take it outdoors!





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