14 to 8

Hello All!! 

It is Thursday and I am so very happy it is almost the weekend! 

Have I ever told you how much I like what I do? I get to make up workouts and instruct others how to go through them. Help them understand the concept behind each moves, in hopes that this education will bring them back wanting more! I love it. 

I strive to make every workout challenging, but fun. Which to me you can’t have one without the other. If I don’t feel challenged than I’m automatically bored, no matter how fun the instructor. I have been to a few classes where the workout was so incredibly challenging and rough that there was no way I could possibly be enjoying myself. With that being said, I like hard, but I want my participants to be able to smile every once and awhile! 

This mornings class was a great workout. Our heart rates were up the entire time, are muscles were tiring, and sweat was dripping. Every participant grabbed FOUR different sets of weights –> Lightest(1-3lbs), light(3-8lbs), medium(5-10lbs), and heavy(8-12lbs). We went through the circuit a total of FOUR times; the first time for sets of 14, than 12, than 10, and lastly 8. As our reps went down each time through, we picked up heavier weights. And ta-da, a 40 minute workout!

And just to note, we did every other exercise with weights, starting our power jacks without weights.

 Workout picture

Try it! There is no boredom in this workout.




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