a year to have resolutions

I have spent too many years being too hard on myself. Many people make new years resolutions, but I never do. I don’t enjoy failing or losing against myself — which is how I see it. I see it as a challenge that is way too long, 364 days to keep a resolution! This year I have decided I should. Resolutions are good, we’re striving to be better. I have taken some time to really mull mine over. These resolutions are just as much prayer requests for myself as they are “goals.”

My three resolutions come from the passage psalms 62:1-2:

For God alone my soul waits in silence;
from him comes my salvation.
He only is my rock and my salvation,
my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken

1. Patience with myself. I am a little bit of a slow thinker; just like my resolutions, I like to mull things over. I believe this is a good thing, it is the way God made me. I just need to be more patient with it. I also have a tendency to push myself too hard in one area and than simply burn out before anything was accomplished. The best example I have of this, is running. I am using 2013 as a way for me to healthily train for a half marathon (im only running 3 times a week), instead of overtraining, and burning out.

2. Contentment in my life. I have an amazingly sweet and Godly husband, an adorable little companion — Harper, friends all over the world, a new house, and i don’t want to forget about all the fun things in my life like teaching group fitness, cooking dinner, the freedom to shop;). The list could get really long, but sometimes I want things like excitement? or a great adventure! I just have to remember that my life is filled with those two things, and even if they weren’t that’d be okay.

3. Love for my body. This is one of those things that I didn’t really think I would put on here, but, welp, I did. We can be short, tall, curvy, straight, lanky, squatty… you name it. We are all so different, and to really feel the way the verse portrays, I feel like we must be happy with our bodies. Yes — some of us have been tough on our bodies, either with harmful food/too much food, no physical activity, or you might be someone on the flip side, that has not given your body enough TLC and let yourself get wrapped up in an unhealthy amount of exercise, or dieting. Whatever the case us women can be rough on our bodies. And this year I want to listen to my body, and I want to remember that this is how God made me. For me, my body often gets in the way of my relationship with the Lord. I want to be still in front of the Lord and know that I am beautifully and wonderfully made, and that He is my great fortress!

Three resolutions for 2013. 2012 was a great year, and I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds in store for us and for our friends and family!


Cheers to 2013,



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