“barefoot” shoes

Hello hello hello!!

It’s a beautiful day in Midland, Texas. It rained for approximately 24 hours yesterday (which was great!), but today is sunny and 60 degrees — perfect. a perfect day for a walk with little miss Harper, and a run on my own. I know, I am running again!! It has really been about 6 months since I have ran. After my marathon I had to let running go for a little while, so that we can have a good relationship in the future;). It is a very humbling experience to go from running mileages in the teens on the weekends, to my “long” runs being 4 miles. But I am really excited because Nick and I are going to be running a half marathon together! The training has begun. Now to the true point of this blog. “barefoot” shoes.

I get a lot of questions about shoes. Class participants, friends, and family always ask me whats best, and of course I automatically say Brooks. But than I am asked “what about those minimal shoes?” This question has always been difficult for me because frankly, I have never ran in VERY minimal shoes, and I just do not know. Therefore I have been trying to do some reading on these shoes, but I really just want to know personal experiences. So I have in a way taken this upon myself. I wore minimal shoes for the first time running today. Now just so you know, I don’t normally wear an extremely supportive shoe in the first place. I trained for my marathon in these two shoes — Pure Flows and the Launches. These are great running shoes with a some support but not too much. However, they are much more support than vibrams.

My first run in my NewBalance Vibrams was a success. I plan on slowly bringing them into my running routine. And letting my feet, legs, and whole body get used to this new way of running. I was once told that it’s like any new exercise, your body has to adapt and once it does you will be able to push harder and longer, which I think is a good way to put it. There are a few aspects of my running that I hope minimalist shoes will help me improve.

The #1. to cease ALL heal striking.

The #2.  to strengthen my feet and ankles.

The #3. to run more relaxed. 

These three reasons all have two things in common, first is just to be a better runner, and secondly to be injury free!!!!

And now I am curious… do you run in minimals? have you ever thought about it? I’d love to hear your feedback.



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