Update and looking to the future

I am officially this….

Which raises the question what do I want to do with my life? Yes, I am aware this is a very broad question, I also feel it’s a pretty pathetic one. Seriously though, we are all instilled with this idea to receive an education, and it will lead to our career. I did the first part, but the second part is a strained. I never grew up with this ideal way of life, or an extreme gift in math or writing or science or most subjects, for that matter.

Fitness and health is challenging, changing, and I am always excited to learn something new or meet new participants in my classes. Therefore I am not at a complete lost on where to go from here; I want to stay in the industry of helping people live healthier lives. I am simply in the process of seeing how this works best for me. I am excited to see where it might lead! 




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