whats for dinner?

My husband and I have been throwing around this question, “whats for dinner?” all week, as a playful joke. We both already know whats for dinner — potatoes. Potatoes cooked however we would like, but we prefer fries, who wouldn’t? We are on day 4 of our potato only diet. Yep, you read that right, we are only consuming potatoes.

Questions you may be asking right now:

What exactly do you mean potatoes only diet?

1 tsp of any fat of choice (FOC) + seasonings + 1 potato = the potato diet formula

Now you can eat AS MANY potatoes with this same ratio as many times a day as you would like. We are also adding extremely low calorie toppings such as sauerkraut, vinegars, and of course ketchup with our fries. These toppings are low calorie, and we are keeping the point of just potatoes.  If Nick and I are going to try something, we go all in, so that is what we are doing with this diet.

Could you possibly get the nutrients you need from a potato?

The potato is somewhat of a magical root vegetable; it contains complete proteins.  Other plant products do not have this same quality.

A Quick glance at a medium sized russet potato shows that it contains 3 grams of Protein, 26 grams of Carbohydrates, and 0 grams of Fat, plus it is also bursting with micronutrients. Checkout that 45% of your daily need of Vitamin C, who would of thought?

But why JUST potatoes?

Well it is only a temporary thing, sort of an experiment you might say. There have been some interesting articles in on health bloggers sites recently that have sparked our interest. Here are some people that can explain all of this better than I can.

1. This man is a Real life experiment of how the potato diet effected him

2 . And this article is for anyone interested in a scientific explanation greater than simply kilo-calorie deficit.

Are you switching you diet for a lifestyle change or is it temporary?

I wanted to emphasize this to everyone reading — this is not a lifestyle change, it is simply an intermittent diet. We wanted to do it for five days and see how the week progressed, but with are energy levels normal, are stomachs satisfied, we have decided to make this a two week diet. We will be having a day of protein this weekend, where we will add in a tasty dinner with a variety of food choices.

I will keep you all updated with the progress, and post a picture of our diet french fries later.



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