Beef liver!

I hate feeling tired. I look at other people and they have so much energy, and I yearn for that. I have struggled with this underlying fatigue for quite awhile. I have been to doctors who have given me no reasoning for my fatigue, oh except for the one that tried to prescribe me anti-depression medication.  Finally we have found some results, I am anemic. I am a case of either dietary deficiency-anemic(primary), or pernicious-anemic(secondary). My red blood cell count is down due to the fact that I am very low on vitamin B-12. The first plan of action is to treat this as a primary case, which is I simply need to ingest more vitamin b-12 and than my levels will be higher. If this is not the answer to raising my levels, than we look at why? and start to treat myself for secondary anemia, which is if my body is destroying my vitamin b-12 for some reason. Many people are familiar with the second case if they know about Celiac’s or Crohn’s disease. Since I do not eat gluten, casein, or soy, I can’t really be tested for these.  As of right now we assume my condition is getting better, and through extra push in my diet and through my b-12 injections I will be back to my energy level that I have been missing for so long.

But as soon as my husband heard I was low on vitamin B-12 he asked me to get the beef liver out of the freezer — yes we randomly have liver in our freezer, only us, right? So this is what we had for dinner last night… Image

Yumm yumm…. actually it was a little out of my comfort zone. I love my cow meat, but the organs of a cow, lets just say it was a new level. I did state that I would eat it again. We prepared it with a light potato starch coating and finished off are meal with onions — because everyone knows liver and onions are like best friends — and we added salad, and parsnip fries.

So if you like some tips on preparing liver for thanksgiving instead of a turkey, just ask the Lightners:)

Happy Thanksgiving y’all



4 thoughts on “Beef liver!

  1. Anna and I once tried to make and eat chicken fried calf liver. We gave it to the dogs who refused to eat it. it tasted like putting metal in my mouth. Glad to hear you are figuring something out.

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