officially a meat eater

I have lived with a stomach ache for most my life. Growing up, my teen years, I had no clue why I would get these sharp and then achey pains in my stomach, I didn’t know the first thing about food/nutrition so I lived with it. Once I reached college I started playing with my diet to see what could help.

I came up with, meat, I thought “meat has to be hard to digest and I have heard they put a lot of crap in meat, so I’ll take that out.” Surprisingly, this helped for awhile. I now look back and have concluded that it was not the fact I was taking meat out, but all the things I associated with meat as well, as in the fried breading around my chicken, or the past that went with my chicken fettucini. But hey, it was working, so I went with it. I went approximately 3 years without meat.

I was never a huge meat eater, so it was just fine by me, but than I discovered tofu. Ohhh… just writing the word makes me cringe a little. Through all my running, and working out, I felt like I needed some extra protein, and soy based products were my answer–to just about everything. Soy milk, soy deli meat, soy sausage, soy chicken, soy — you name it, I probably ate. I will most likely write a whole blog opposing all  “health benefits” of soy, so I’ll leave that for another blog. And did you know there are so many people out there that make fun of vegetarians/vegans? haha… I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.


         OR this one was pretty funny

I just want everyone to know I LOVE MEAT. My husband helped step out a little into the world of meat eating while we were dating, but now I have fully left my vegetarian ways behind me! Meat is juicy, yummy, heavenly, tender, bursting with flavor, mmm mmm, and now my mouth is watering just writing about it.

On that note, this is what’s for dinner….

Coffee Rubbed Chuck Roast




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