GenerationY + Marathon = Commitment?

Man imposes his own limitations, don’t set any. -Anthony Bailey

My feeling is that any day I am too busy to run is a day that I am too busy. -John Bryant

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

The will to win is worthless, without the will to prepare.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.

This past weekend I was at a Fitness/Recreation conference. At this conference I attended a presentation on the ethics of professionalism in this day and age. I sat there doing my part by actively listening, doing everything I know that demonstrates this; my upper body was leaned forward, my eyes tracked from the speaker, to the powerpoint, to my paper and pen, and then back up again. I was there to learn, not to question him, but to take what I could and apply it to the next step in my life, becoming a professional. However, exactly what I was afraid of happened, I got distracted. I did not get distracted by an outer source, but the presenter himself. A slide of his posted all the generations, such as, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y… etc. I have seen this laid out in lectures countless times, and I am fully aware that I am considered Generation Y, and possibly the beginning of a new Generation Z, known as the Internet Generation. This speaker had the generations outlined something like so…

Baby boomers: Committed to work; Work centric; Goal Oriented; Generally have been with the same company from the beginning of their career.

Generation X: Individualistic; Moved up in companies; works to live.

Generation Y: Works to spend; jump from job to job to what fits them better; in it for themselves, not the company.

So all of that being said, You may be wondering why this distracted me. It is nothing I, nor anyone else there, had never heard before. Also what on earth could this have to do with running? K, well here’s the deal, it has everything to do with running! And I stopped concentrating on where the speaker went next with his point, and I started realizing I am not alone, we all have a problem, our problem is commitment. Commitment has been on my mind lately, therefore, that is probably the reason I switched from taking notes on what the speaker was saying, but started taking notes on the thoughts rapidly filling my mind. My commitment issues does not stop with a profession, but they swim through my life in all aspects. I could  now get emotional, or spiritual on you. But that is not my original goal, so I will not go there. In my attempt to break my ownself away from this habit, of just shaking of my scare of committing, I have registered for a Marathon. Yep, it may seem like a big step, but ya know, it really shouldn’t be. It will be 18 weeks of commitment to preparing myself to finish 26.2 miles of running. 18 weeks, that’s it. I have never been so excited. It will not be for any glory, because I will not be outshining anyone, but because I can commit. I do not need to make myself shy away. No one reading this needs to go out and run a marathon to prove that they too can commit, but I do want anyone who is reading this to think, is commitment lost? And is it as easy to slough off by simply saying “oh but I am generation Y, I am not expected to be committed?”

Grandma’s Marathon, June 16th, 2012, HERE I COME!!!!


One thought on “GenerationY + Marathon = Commitment?

  1. Funny it’s called grandma marathon and you will be visiting your gma at the same time…

    I thought you were ‘generation text’.

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