I’m tired. Who else is with me?

Yes, the romanticized cold, crisp, snowy days of winter are nice but that’s where it ends for me. I do love the idea of getting bundled up, drinking apple cider and watching a movie. However, it all just ends up sounding cold and tiring to me. I know that every year when the 30 degree weather sets in, I must set several extra hours to sleep every night or during the day (maybe even both). And every year I think to myself, why?  I don’t by the “its just cause you don’t want to go outside,” or “you’re exhausted from school.” There is more too it then that. That is why this year I have become determined to at least try to figure out some possible reasons to my social hibernation and energy deficit.

Why You’re Tired

Beat The Winter Blues

I hope you all took a look at these articles. SAD– Season Affective Disorder is something I had never heard of until I moved to Minnesota. I also thought it was a big joke at first. The counseling office at my old college had a room for light therapy; I seriously had fellow students who did this everyday, or so. Doctors prescribed tanning to help with the onset of winter depression, can you believe that, TANNING?! After a month of winter, I no longer thought of it as a joke; the winter blues set in hard. After winter of ’08/09, I have not been a happy camper (or runner, or student, or well, person for that matter) at the first sight of frost. So it is my goal this winter to beat these blues. I am not ready to diagnose myself with SAD, but I am more than ready to cheer myself up, and not sleep my winter away. I know that this is not going to just happen. I must make it happen…

So here it is, my goal/challenge –> I am going to run outside for at least 15 minutes 4 days a week.

I realize meaning things about this goal. 1.) 15 minutes is not very long. However, I am sure most of these runs will be double that amount, but if they are only 15, than I will hopefully still get the “sun-up” benefit. PLUS this will not be my only work-out throughout the week. 2.) I said outside. It might snow, I might freeze, but let’s be honest here… I live in Oklahoma… there will most likely only be a few frrrriiiigggiiid days. 3.) It’s not everyday, and I did not say an exact time, for example, in the AM. Let’s get real… aren’t goals supposed to be challenging, yet doable? and there is no freakin’ way I am going to make an AM run happen 4 times a week when it’s below 20 degrees outside. I wanna live through the winter, not die trying to beat SAD!!


One thought on “I’m tired. Who else is with me?

  1. I am with you girl. For the past month I have been dragging butt, but before then I used to jog 5 days a week and do a water aerobics class 3 days a week. Then when the cold weather came I immediately went into hibernation mode. I need to get moving too:)

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