pie, pie, and more pie

The weekend of thanksgiving, I ran a little, ate a mediocre amount, and slept ALOT! I was going to go crazy if I didn’t change it up a bit. I decided to bake. I read through recipes of my mom’s and looked online, like the recipes I posted last week; however nothing struck me. I needed a challenge… (seems to be a re-occurring theme in my life). So while my dad and brother-in-law were busy watching football, and my sister was finding the latest deals in cyber world, I decided to go to the grocery store.My ah-ha moment happened. I was going to bake a pie! Not just any pie, but a Gluten free pie. I began shopping in the local food pyramid, which is closest to organic as we get in good ol’ Stillwater.

First Challenge: I wanted to buy a pre-made crust, remember, I wanted this gluten free; this was no where to be found. So from scratch was my only option. I found an organic, gluten free, flour mix that had a pie crust recipe on the back.

Second Challenge: The filling. Strawberry Rhubarb was my (sort of influenced) choice of pie. To my surprise, RHUBARB IS NOT IN SEASON! However, I am very blessed to have a mom who loves to freeze just about anything. She had Rhubarb in the garage freezer that was still good. Whewww… that stress was taken care of.

Third Challenge: Okay so now it was time to actually make the pie. My mom looked at me scared when she saw me getting everything ready. “You know the filling, and the crust of a pie are both very involved, right?” I shot back at her with a, “Yahh.” Honestly, I had no clue what either of them involved. I knew it had to be kinda intrinsic because people made a big deal out of good looking, or good tasting pies. But I began with the crust, let it chill, and moved onto the filling. I panicked a couple times but that all was pretty easy-going.

Fourth Challenge: Lacing the crust on top of the pie. Let me tell you, my readers, this is no simple job. This alone took me as long as the rest of creating the pie, filling and crust combined. I laced it though, slowly, but surely!

Soo… Wahhh laaaa….

It might not be perfect but it can only get better, right?



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