Thanksgiving Day. Yes, I am thankful for many things, such as my space heater or nice denim, brand new pair of tennis shoes, my dad who never stops loving me, and friends that I honestly know will do whatever for me whenever for the rest of my life. When I have to think of something in my life that I have been through that I am thankful for, it is the life and death of Mrs. Morrow. My friend, Freshmen hall mate, BB, Kelsey Morrow’s mom was diagnosed for the third time with Breast Cancer the summer before our freshmen year. I met Gale Morrow after she had already been diagnosed. She had made a decision to not go through the torture of Chemo for the third time, instead she had researched and decided upon an alternative treatment. I spent many weekends at the Morrow house including the Holidays, such as Thanksgiving. The Morrows, especially Mrs. Morrow took me in and loved me like part of the family. She prayed with me, and for me. I had grown up with a mom who prayed continuously, however I was still taken back by her faith. She was dying. She had been told over 6 months ago that she had 2 months to live, yet she cared more about Kelsey and Kelsey’s friends really having passion for Christ and living as a testimony for Him, than anything else. As a Freshmen in college, who simply loved the freedom of college, I sometimes found her love and care annoying. That is the honest truth. I did not see it as love, but I saw it as overprotective and controlling. Now I realize how immature this view was and I appreciate these concerns and the passionate prayers more than I would of ever thought I would, 3 years ago. She prayed for me when she saw me starting to struggle, in every way. When food became my enemy Gale scared me. She knew, she knew something was not right, and that was the number one thing I did not want anyone to know, I hid it, even though it was literally written all over my wilting skeleton. The day she passed away and entered into the arms of the Lord, Dad, God she had long to be with, I knew I had to change. My dietician appointments, and my counseling switched from what I thought everyone in my life wanted me to do, to this is what I want. Good nutritious food that God gave Gale Morrow is what kept her life full and lively for 12 extra months than the doctors had told her she had. She had this extra year and used it to pour into the people around her, and to have no shame in her faith. She wanted the people close to her, and the people who checked her out at Trader Joes to know that she loved Jesus. He was the only reason she was on this earth. As time has gone on I realize that it is Gale who taught me the importance of Health and how much control we have in taking care of the body God has given us. More than this, however, is that I am thankful for those prayers. She prayed, and praised God. The faith that she showed is something that I will never forget. Her death has showed me how precious my life is and that this is my time to do something with it, not to waste.

Hosea 6:3

Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving,



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