Saturday, november 19th, I entered Sufferlandria. If any of you know what I am talking about, I’m impressed. For the normal, non-spin addicts, this fictional country is asscoiated with the greatest cyclist of all times. The country is entered through deciding to begin the 90 minute cycling workout video, Sufferfest. 

Yep, 90 minutes, 1 and a half hours with your butt on an indoor bike. The videos take a cycler through instructed intervals, such as 6 minute pyramids, timed laps, and builds into all out sprints. I was skeptical about a video for spin. I mean come on? Videos are for aerobics classes and such, not spin! take you through famous races, and instruct the “cyclist” to what cadence and intensity level one should be spinning.

Cons — 90 minutes on an indoor bike.  The music is well far from from great. Cheesy.

Pros — Great workout! For all levels. Inexpensive… $11 a workout. Educational. Entertaining and humorous.

Go for it. Try it! I am glad I did…  I could get addicted…


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