… Guinness Will do

The Hustle and Bustle of Race day is an experience in itself; the crowd of runners, all ready for a challenge is something I love. This experience is great, but it is even heightened with the strong and potent smell of Guinness in the air. Yep, the McNellie’s Pub Rub was a success! The gun was fired at 3 PM and the race was on; the first stop,  12 oz of beer. It was the perfect temperature, the sun was out, however the Oklahoma wind was brutal. I came to the first stop, reached, for that glass, and after that first chug of Warm beer… I knew the miles that laid ahead were going to be rough.

My Stats

4 miles, 3 beers, 1/2 hurl

34 minutes, 25th Female overall

Quotes that only occur on Pub Runs

“”I am so thristy. Water sounds great, but eh, Guinness will do.” – Zack (Runner)

“You cannot feel good about yourself, people have finished, and you are still running”


“TOP 25 BITCHES!” – Anonymous 😉

We will be training next semester for the OKC Pub Run. The race is in May. Join in, and you WON’T regret it!



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