Its my first.

Firsts — it’s something we remember. It has dramatic connotation connected to the action, the time, the subject, the place, etc. No one refers back to the second, or the thirty-first time… it is always that first that we hold to such high standards. So this my friends, is my first. I like new things; I like firsts. They are exciting, and fulling, whether I am a star or I end up in complete embarrassment, which would be the norm, I’ll still enjoy it. Anyways, I am not writing this blog to ramble and talk about anything “deep”, or tell you about my extra exciting life that I lead.  I will fore warn my readers though, this will happen, I will digress.

You probably won’t catch me reading the newest novel that just hit the book shelves, or adding to the number of “views” on the next hit YouTube video, however if you place a health promoting magazine, book, article, documentary in front of me, there is probably a good chance I will be sharing all the interesting facts I learned. My friends and most likely, the next person I meet in the isle at Consumers, get to hear all about my previous discovery and the attempt to ‘try-it-out’. That is why I am giving you/myself this blog. This will be my outlet. I will be posting articles I find intriguing, new exercises or exercise regimes that I am either trying, thinking about trying, or maybe even an occasional bash. It’s going to be so fun for me, and maybe, just maybe, one other person can at least laugh at my attempt to share with the world the importance of what we put in and release from our bodies.




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