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Turtles, octopuses, sharks… oh my.


I am officially a PADI certified diver!! I have got my card to prove it. Plus I have seen an octopus! This picture is sweet, but how unattractive is scuba gear? I think some people do better than others — and I am not one of those people.

So we did a fair amount of scuba diving — I did a total of 6 dives.



“I’m okay.”


This was the largest, most majestic animal I have ever seen. This manta ray had a wing span of over 8 feet. The under water camera and I did not get along too well, nor was I able to get too close, so I do not have the best picture.

Other parts of vacation

Besides Scuba Diving, I wanted to talk a little about staying healthy while on vacation.

I am in the process of learning moderation. Oh the struggle of  1 cookie quickly becoming 5,  1 drink meaning, uh, 5.  This is even with “healthy” things. 3 miles of running means I should probably double that and than go “workout.” I wanted to have so much fun on our vacation(which I did), and I knew I wouldn’t if I didn’t continue with my healthy habits. Here are a few examples that really helped me out.

1.) Nick and I wanted to lounge in chairs on the beach, and we had been dreaming about the “umbrella” drink that would be in our hand while doing so. Now the drinks on our beach weren’t too sweet, which I like, but I knew I still should moderate them.

Solution: Instead of Nick and I each getting one, we would split, and when that one is done we could decide if we wanted another. Honestly, we never did. It was the perfect amount.

2.) We read and lounged a lot, plus most of our trip was based around meals. This type of  vacationing sometimes gets me down, and all I want to do is move.

Solution: We balanced our days. No we didn’t deeply think this through. But Nick and I went for a beach/trail run one morning  — and boy, was I sweaty. We scuba dived 3 mornings, hiked to other beaches instead of driving, and Nick’s mom and I actually open water swam, out past the breaking waves–once.

3.) Food, oh the dreaded eating out for every meal. Seriously — even thinking that makes me feel sick.

Solution: This is what I loved so much about our trip, fresh food. We went to the local grocery store, farmers market, and the fish market. It was sooo good — mmm mmm, I wish I could have some of that pineapple or Mahi right now.

Also while we were on vacation, Nick and I were able to workout together. This is something we love doing, but with our two schedules, it seems to rarely happen. So vacation was a perfect time to sweat and hang out!

photo (2)

This picture was taken on our hike to another beach. It was beautiful.



Mahalo and Aloha!


Blogging is the new scrapbooking

So no, We have not been on vacation for three weeks, but I have been lacking in the blogging/writing area of my life. This has been for a few reasons. For one when I get out of a routine, its so hard for me to take the first step to get back into it. Also I have been re-evaluating why I like to blog. PLUS we have been super busy!!

SO evaluating why I blog. There are so many bloggers, it honestly feels like everyone has a blog — and many of them actually have readers;). But I really thought, do I blog for “readers?” No. Do I blog to keep track of my eating, or exercise? No. So why would I blog. I have concluded, that it gives me an outlet to write, and a way to keep track of our lives. I am not a journaler, nor am I really good at always taking pictures. The blog helps with both those things. I have concluded blogging is the new scrapbooking. ha! See, some people are going to be over achievers at it, others will just be so-so,  some people our going to never think about doing it, and others will be haters.

I just like to analyze, write, and share. So why not blog? And hopefully it will be a way for Nick and I to look back and remember the beginning of our life together :).

Thats all for now, but I will be writing more in a bit.


vacation on my mind

photo (1)


This is the picture we received from Nick’s parents last night. They are currently on Hawaii time — scuba diving, laying out, reading, seafood eating, and I don’t know what else — but soon we will. Nick and I leave in a little over a day for the Big Island. So exciting, right?!?! I cannot wait to sleep in, go on walks, soak up the sun, and enjoy my wining and dining:).

However, I truly will miss my fitness class — well the people at least. I told them all I will be out for a week, and I thought it was a little sad, but im sure once I am on the beach I will not be thinking about this.


countdown is on {plus a few easter pics}

Okay so I am back and the count down is official — We are going to Hawaii in less than 5 days!!!!!!!!!!

So excited, but I am not too excited about my white pasty self being in a swim suit. But I WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT, go tanning. So I will just being sporting the pasty look the first few days. Thats alright.

I have been curious. How do people get ready for a vacation? I mean do they buy new clothes, or do they spend their time exercising or dieting. And do people mostly plan their days all out before going. I am not sure. Hmm.

I wanted to share with you all a few Easter pics



I sometimes wonder if Harper likes kisses, I mean look at that face?

Anyways, Nick and I had a beautiful Easter. We ran a little late to church, but thats just because I wanted to get the lamb in the crockpot. And man, It was worth it! At church a few people were baptized and it was amazing. I love hearing people’s stories and watching them profess their faith in front of the entire congregation. Isn’t that just something so beautiful and special? … plus on Easter. It was great!

So we had lamb shanks for dinner, a recipe I got out of my new favorite cookbook Paleo Slower Cooker.


spring weekend #1: Saturday

Happy Tuesday!

Last weekend was a blast! Nick and I had two visitors Thursday through Saturday morning — my parents. It was fun to have them come down and see our home:)! They even spent all Friday morning with me cleaning out our old apartment. I think we scored with that visit. Thanks mom and dad!

Saturday after they left, we did a little cleaning, but I really wanted to go for a run and get a good workout in. So Nick decided a run sounded pretty nice too. I have been going on what I call “fun runs,” cause even though I know how long I have been running for, and I can estimate pretty well how far I have gone, I have not been running with a set mileage or time in mind. Just running, to enjoy it. I am re-learning my love for running:)! So Nick and I ran for 30 minutes, at about a 9 minute mile pace (i’m guesstimating). It felt so good!! After our run we cooled down a tad, drank water, and than headed to the YMCA.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was still sore from the lifting Nick and I did. Well I want to lift heavy, so I started. We started with dead lifts. I worked my way up to 150 pounds for 4 reps. After this I teared off, and went with 100 pounds for 6 reps and than 65 for 10 reps. This is about the same I did on the way. Maybe with a few extra sets, slowly adding on my weight. At 65 I than attempted to Clean and press. I, uh, sorta, kinda got one. It was really pitiful, and I am not even sure if it went over my head, ha. So I took it down to 55 pounds. This I could do. I did a few of these, and I made a goal.


I make beautiful faces while lifting.

My goal is 1RM (Rep Max) of 75 pounds on a clean and press.

At the same time I am working on my pull ups. Here is an interesting article on pull ups. If you are like me (and most of the women out there) and you cannot seem to defy gravity by pulling yourself up and over the bar. Here are 6 steps to making that chin up/pull up possible.

After our workout we individually had to run a few errands before we could kick our feet up and head to a Crawfish Boil!! CrawfishboilI honestly, didn’t have too many of these little guys, but Nick made up for the both of us:). And the few I did have made me understand why people get so excited — they’re pretty tasty. Tasty food, cider, sunshine, live music, and we walked from our house made my first Crawfish boil a success!

We ended the night early and walked home. Oh how I love our new home:).


monday morning workouts




Hop pic

I am so sore!! This weekend, Nick and I did some heavy lifting and let me tell you, it was no joke. I will have to post all about it. It was a GREAT Saturday activity.

But this workout, is from this morning. I am making it a habit to always workout monday mornings, early. It is a great way to start my week. This morning my soreness was making me want to say no to working out, but I knew I could get something done at the gym, so that is what I did. I did this little 30 minute cardio session with no breaks, and than headed to the weight room. I knew I couldn’t do squats or deadlifts because of my already sore lower body. So I did a little drop set.

Drop set: Bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions.

4 = heaviest weight possible (for me this was 20 for each arm:/)

8 = heavy weight (I went down to 15 pounds)

16 = medium weight (10 pounds)

32 = light weight (5 pounds)

I thought each time the 5 pounders were going to feel like nothing, but each time I had trouble making it to 32, yikes!! Anyways my Monday morning workout is complete, and now I’m waiting for our contracter to come so I can leave to run my errands. We are getting a vent put in our bathroom. Can you believe there is not vent in our ONE bathroom. How did they live?!?! … it’s like a constant steam room!



ballet for the non-dancer (that’s me)



People are catching on to the trend of BARRE more and more. Barre’s idea revolves around isometric movements. This basically means holding certain moves/pulsing in these positions for longer periods of time. The equipment used in these classes vary, but as you might expect a ballet bar is always used. The other equipment is anywhere from small yogi balls to 3-5 pound dumbbells. The thought is, doesn’t every women want to look like a nice toned ballerina? I know I wouldn’t mind;).

I have had a few opportunities to try this style of class, and have even been trying it by myself through barre3 studio online. But today, I finally had the chance to try Barre at Yoga Works  here in Midland. It was a great experience. We started with a fun little warm up using therabands, and than our warmup became a little bit more intense, by working our biceps, shoulders, back, and then triceps — all using the band. After we were warmed up we moved into lower body work — which was my favorite part. Oh, how I felt the burn, my heart rate was raised, I was beginning to sweat, and every muscle in my legs were uncontrollably shaking. I would describe this as awesome!

The instructor was personal and she used her time in the class to walk around and make sure everyone was getting the most out of their moves — I love this type of atmosphere.

With all that being said. I will be back! And hey, maybe I’ll love it enough to teach it one day?!?


picky eaters + workout post

On our drive home yesterday Nick and I somehow brought up the subject of how I was slightly a picky eater growing up. What can I say, I have always been choosy about what I decide to eat.

Nick was a child who basically ate everything — he loved Shrimp as a kid. Crazy! I on the other hand I was not too into my seafood. My mom used to make Salmon, and it was the WORST night ever, according to me.

Some memories of my picky-ness that came up were my buttered spaghetti noodles. Now I would argue that my mom makes the best spaghetti sauce, but at the time all I wanted was butter on top of my noodles (which right now, doesn’t sound half bad).

My other odd meal was rice and green beans. When I got old enough to make my own lunches, I would make minute rice and a can of green beans. This meal was a staple/favorite for me. Odd, huh? but ya know, pretty healthy — even as a kid.

Tastes I did not like, honey, Jelly, and Maple Syrup. TOO SWEET for my little taste buds. If ONLY I had that problem with sweets now.

Monday Morning

After a weekend trip I was tired, and this morning when the alarm went off, all I wanted to do was pull the covers over my head and just catch a few minutes of extra sleep. But nick kept reminding me, “you wanted to work out.” And he was right, I did. So at 6:30 I got my self up and ready to hit the gym.

However, I did not want to hit the treadmill, or the elliptical machine. That sounded like a terrible idea. So I made myself up a 30 minute plyometric/cardio workout.


After three times through one circuit I would take 90 second rest to drink some water and walk around a bit. With a little 5 minute warmup and a small cool down that consisted of sit ups and push ups. I was done within 35 minutes. Good little sweaty workout. Just the way I like it.


Z weekend.

Dallas Marathon weekend minus the half-marathon. A few months ago I thought it would be fun for Nick and I to run in the Rock n’ Roll half in Dallas, Texas. The actual execution of this idea did not come through all the way, but great things happened anyways.

First of all it got me running a tad bit more than I was — which wasn’t hard because I wasn’t running at all. And secondly, Nick and I got to spend a full, fun weekend in Dallas.

Being from only about 3 and 1/2 or 4 hours North of this massive city, you would think I would be familiar with it. I’m not. 

Friday Night we got in around 10:30 and went straight to our hotel bed. It had been a long day, and we were preparing ourselves for the FULL day of shopping we had ahead.

First on the list, was IKEA. Nick has NEVER been to an IKEA, whaaa?? We selected carefully, but came away with some exciting things, such as…

serving bowls, and a front door mat!


After we left IKEA, Nick commented that that trip was a workout. We walked around that place for an hour and a half, and he even got some deadlifts in:).

We than headed our way to The Galleria. Club Monaco was on the top of our list. This picture just cracks me up. Nick is waiting for this jacket to go on sale.


It was a successful trip, I got a comfy T, and Nick got a great cardigan — all on sale! We made a stop at a local whole foods, and it had the best Taste testing I have ever been to. It was Egg day, yum!  After this we looked through a few furniture design stores — just for looks and ideas. Lets just say by the time night came around we were ready to put up our feet and enjoy a nice night out together.

As you can see… I was pumped for Date Night!!



The restaurant Nick found for us to eat at, was like always, Amazing! It never fails, he can find the right place to eat in any city or town. FT 33 was delish.



This Morning we slept in and lazily got up to go grab breakfast/lunch and head home. We ate at Whole foods — do you see a trend? I like the trend!

It was a great weekend, but SO happy to be home!!